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green iDirectory

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Vývojář: Pleeter, LLC.

Do you have a list of parents in your childs school class? or soccer team? Do you have a list a people that are members of your church or synagogue? green iDirectory is the perfect way to get this information to your iPhone, which is where you need it!

All you need is a .csv (Macintosh) file (which is a Excel file saved as a comma delimited file in Macintosh format -- your PCs have this option) to upload into the confidential iDirectory.

iDirectory is a confidential, mobile networking app that empowers you. iDirectory was engineered into the natural flow and it brings you information you need, when you need it, how you use it. This is all done securely and confidentially, which makes it different from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ because of its unique secure programing.

green iDirectory includes:
- Contact lookup
- Call, text, or e-mail contacts
- Share the contacts information
- Address is displayed with a map
- Add the contact to your contacts
- Share your files of contacts (where it is allowed)
- E-mail your contacts in a given list
- Make a new contact on the iPhone